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60 Minute In-Person Reiki Session

60 Minute In-Person Reiki Session

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During your one-hour session, you will lay comfortably while the Reiki Practitioner stands by you placing their hands over your Chakras, allowing the Reiki energy to flow through them to balance you and allow your energy centers to clear and optimize themselves. This practice is normally hands-off unless there is an area that needs further attention, at which point you will be asked for your permission by the Practitioner to lightly place their hands directly on you.

You may sense areas of your body warm up or cool down; you may feel light electric currents running up your feet and arms, through your whole body or feel nothing at all. Everyone is different; some even fall asleep! Rest assured that any and all sensations are pleasant and comfortable and that it works regardless of what you sense or don’t sense.

After a Reiki session you may feel energetic and relaxed. You may also discover a clearer connection to your Intuition and greater inner peace.

Please wear comfortable clothes for your session. It is also recommended you eat light that day, as well as abstain from drinking alcohol the night before if possible.

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