Reiki is an abundant Life Force Energy that’s invisible and heals, balances and restores you. It provides mental clarity, emotional balance, vital energy and may even heal or alleviate physical ailments! Reiki works primarily by restoring your energy centers (also known as Chakras) and clearing blockages that may be causing mind fog, emotional imbalance, dis-ease and more. 

Have you ever felt tired after a good night’s rest? The Reiki Practitioner will help seal any energetic leaks caused by trauma to any and all of your bodies, restoring your vital energy to full potential.

Everyone is able to channel Reiki energy. When you bump your elbow, for example, you automatically place your hand on it to alleviate it. That’s Reiki. When your child or a loved one falls and bumps their knee you instinctively rush to their side, not to heal their knee but to hold them, to love them and deliver them something that perhaps comes from the other side of the veil. That’s Reiki. It’s Intuitive Reiki.

Reiki Practitioners have mastered the ability through study and practice to channel this energy and heal themselves and others.


In a Reiki Practitioner’s words:

“I clear my countenance and drop into my Heart. I then go through a four-step formula composed of three symbols to connect with the energetic essence of the person receiving Reiki energy. Out loud or silently, I invite the person’s energetic essence to come between my hands. I then hold that person’s energetic essence between my hands and say out loud: ‘May this person be filled with Reiki energy for their highest healing good.’

In-Person Reiki sessions are available by Dorian Acker in Delray Beach, FL and Willy Cee in Hialeah, FL.

Distance Reiki sessions are available via Zoom anywhere in the world!