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2024 Gratitude Bundle

2024 Gratitude Bundle

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The Zana 2024 Gratitude Bundle is here to help elevate your vibration this new year!

The Universe responds to Gratitude. When you are truly grateful and express it from within, the Universe will continue bringing you experiences to be grateful for. When experiencing an emotion you prefer not to be in, focus on something you are grateful for at least 17 seconds and watch your state of being change! Invest in yourself or as a gift to someone you love. 

Bundle Includes:

-The Gratitude journal helps shift your energy to the highest vibration there is of joy, knowledge, empowerment, love and appreciation.

-Sage helps clear negative energies from your space helping restore harmony.

-Palo Santo promotes a positive mood & helps unleash creativity! 

-The Chakras are powerful energy centers. The 7 Chakras Incense Sampler helps eliminate impurities and creates an environment that is sacred and conducive to spiritual connections and experiences. If there is any particular scent that you prefer, jot it down to connect more with that Chakra!

-The Quartz helps harmonize your energy field, aligns your Chakras (energy centers), and helps bring peace to your physical body. It is cleansed and infused with Reiki from Delray Beach, Florida!


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